Problem solving in business

Simple problems can be solved quickly and efficiently without any help. However, we often face complex challenges that require collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and a significant amount of effort to be solved.
Problem Solving

The problem-solving process is something we deal with almost every day, whether it's in the workplace or in our everyday lives. Simple problems can be solved quickly and efficiently without any help. However, we often face complex challenges that require collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and a significant amount of effort to be solved. We encounter these types of complex problems, especially in the business environment. 



Business problem-solving 

Business problem-solving is defined and understood to be an implementation of processes, strategies, and approaches that remove barriers to achieving operational and strategic business objectives. 

Thus, a business problem arises when a gap is created between desired and actual outcomes, with no obvious or simple solution at first glance. The types of business problems depend on the segment and type of organization. A manager in a staffing agency encounters a different type of problem (such as dealing with client complaints or resolving staffing issues) than an aerospace engineer dealing with aerodynamic problems or safety failures. Issues that affect running a business efficiently and are encountered in the course of a profession vary greatly from societal issues, technical deficiencies in production, or environmental changes. 


Problem-solving process

To successfully approach problem-solving, you need to put consistent processes in place to help you evaluate, explore solutions, prioritize implementation, and measure success. 

The first step in problem-solving is to understand the nature of the problem; What the problem is, how, and why it arose. In business, it is critical to make sure you are solving the actual problem, not just the consequences. For example, if performance in your department is substandard, you may think the problem lies with the individuals who hand in the work. However, if you look a little deeper, the real problem may be a general lack of training or an inadequate workload in the team. 

Next, identify the root causes of the problem by analyzing it from multiple angles, because if you don’t get to the root of the problem, it’s likely to recur, potentially with different consequences. A thorough analysis will avoid wasting time resolving the same problem. 

Then identify all appropriate solutions that address all or most of the causes of the problem. This allows you to select the most effective solution in terms of speed, cost-effectiveness, or risk. Finally, you should be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the chosen solution. 

At first glance, the process of solving problems in business is simple and trivial. However, the opposite is true. The process requires time, commitment, and unique skills of the employees involved, such as critical and creative thinking, analytical skills, and so on. Today, many tools greatly simplify the process of problem-solving in business and make it more systematic. Tools like 5 Whys, Level Zero, and Root Cause Analysis allow you to ask the right questions and help you work through the layers of the problem to uncover what’s going on. 

Problem solving cycle

Typical steps of the problem-solving process (Source:

Digitalizing problem-solving in your company 

Traditional problem-solving practices and methods used for many years have become obsolete and inefficient with the rise of digitalization and hybrid ways of working. Today, the idea of locking yourself and your colleagues in a meeting room to fill out paper forms to solve problems in a structured way seems impossible. Microsoft Excel, on the other hand, will not allow you to set up processes, team notifications, or manage attachments like photos and videos all in one place. 

Imagine if you had a tool that allowed you to collaborate with colleagues in production and quality who are on-site, as well as an engineering colleague who works from home and even a colleague in R&D who is located on another continent. One application would allow you to collaborate, define the problem, identify the root cause, and specify temporary and permanent corrective actions. You would be able to tackle common tasks, solve a problem, and ensure the problem does not happen again. Moreover, you would have access to a database containing all the previous problems, so you could find inspiration and information from colleagues around the world. 


Solvedio app

Our ready-to-use problem-solving app is designed to help you handle all relevant tasks with the support of the latest technologies, methods, and processes. Monitor the entire process, find the root cause of the problem, and evaluate it. All without the need for complex setup or coding knowledge.  

The main advantages of SOLVEDIO’s troubleshooting app: 

  • Accelerate problem-solving by 50%. 
  • High flexibility and added value for employees. 
  • High automation of sub-processes. 
  • Support for team collaboration in problem-solving and remote working. 
  • Reduced downtime and increased quality of work. 
  • Evaluate processes based on relevant data. 

SOLVEDIO allows you to: 

  • Report a problem from anywhere, at any time. 
  • Quickly and effortlessly set up the resolution process. 
  • Find the cause of the problem using modern methods. 
  • Select the ideal solution with one click. 

Solvedio is a comprehensive and dynamic cloud-based enterprise SaaS digitalization platform.

Stereotypical, manual, linear, or repetitive processes that don’t add value to customers can be easily digitized and automated using our platform.

Forms, processes, approaches, charts, or notifications can be configured in Solvedio to create a tool comparable to custom software. This simple online application platform quickly and comprehensively covers users’ requirements by adding tools and features according to their needs. Users can choose one of the pre-made applications or create their own application tailored to their needs and requirements with the assistance of our experts.

To learn more, book a Solvedio demo with our experts.