Experience the Powerful
Benefits and Features

Unlock rapid digitization, eliminate IT barriers, and save significantly with Solvedio. Enjoy seamless integration and top-tier security for your business.

Instant Digitization
Tailored to the Finest Detail

Experience a unique approach to assembling digital solutions without lengthy analysis and development

Zero Dependency
on Traditional
IT Barriers

No additional infrastructure, easy integration with all your systems while maintaining high-security standards

10x Faster Rollout
Compared to Other

Your solution is quickly ready to be used anywhere and is adaptable to any team dynamic

50 - 75% Costs
to Other Solutions

We make digital adoption economically viable while enhancing operational efficiency

Free Yourself from One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

One-size-fits-all solutions don't fit specific needs. Solvedio's customizable digital framework provides tailored digital adoption, evolving with your business and aligning digital operations with your goals

Overcome the Fragmentation of Digital Solutions

Are you juggling multiple platforms for different processes? Solvedio provides a unified space for all your production needs. From troubleshooting to project management, your one-stop digital hub seamlessly manages holistic digitization

Avoid High Customization Costs

Custom solutions are associated with high financial and time investments. Solvedio offers cost-effective digital adoption for businesses of all sizes. Competitive pricing and value-driven services ensure fast ROI and promote agility. 

Overcome IT Infrastructure Problems 

Infrastructure costs and security concerns can hinder digital adoption. Solvedio offers flexible deployment options - SaaS, cloud, or on-premises, so you are not bound by hardware or storage limitations.

Bypass Lengthy Development Cycles

Don't let lengthy development and coding hold you back. Solvedio accelerates your digital adoption and enables rapid deployment of tailored solutions. Manage complex agendas without a large IT team, reducing setup and deployment time. 

Adaptive AI Technology

Solvedio utilizes AI to provide smart solutions and data-driven insights tailored to your industry's needs.


Wide Integration Possibilities

Easy integration with the systems your organization relies on (ERP, MES, SCM, QMS, HRMS and any others). Solvedio is also available in MS Teams.

Intuitive User Interface

Solvedio is designed as a user-centric application for ease of use. It provides a seamless user experience that requires minimal training. 

Multi-Device Compatibility

On desktop, tablet, or mobile. Solvedio works flawlessly on all devices.

Fast incorporation of changes 

Change requests are implemented swiftly, ensuring rapid response to operational needs.


Other Amazing Features

  • Integrated with Microsoft Teams
  • Optimized mobile display
  • Notifications
  • Role profile control/management/visibility/rules
  • Preview attachments directly in the browser (images, videos, PDF)
  • Image editing
  • Drilldown charts (pie, column, bar, and point charts with detailed analysis)
  • Graph functions (minimum, maximum, average, sum, count)
  • Scorecards
  • Export to Excel
  • Filter
  • Set view settings to public or private
  • View History
  • Newsfeeds
  • Comments

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