Solvedio succeeded in the competition of 124 startups from 38 countries on four continents and became part of the KPT ScaleUp accelerator. In addition to financial support and the possibility of expanding to the Polish market, Solvedio will also receive specialized support and advice from the professional team of KPT ScaleUp. Read More...
Solvedio and Microsoft for Startups

Solvedio and Microsoft for Startups

Our team at Solvedio, the innovative platform, has successfully joined the Microsoft for Startups program. We look forward to working with the Microsoft for Startups team.
Digital Employee Experience

The Digital Employee Experience – DEX

Many analysts do not expect this trend to disappear after the end of the pandemic; on the contrary, remote and hybrid working is expected to become the norm in many segments.
Problem Solving

Problem solving in business

Simple problems can be solved quickly and efficiently without any help. However, we often face complex challenges that require collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and a significant amount of effort to be solved.
Digitalization as a Service (DaaS)

Digitalization as a Service (DaaS): Introduction

DaaS focuses on delivering customer service through the customer's digital journey allowing you to determine the scope, value, and timing of your solution from the moment you use it.
Software as a Service (SaaS)

Benefits of cloud solutions for your business

Cloud adoption and the use of cloud computing are now a matter of remaining competitive and being able to adapt flexibly and quickly to changes in technology and new market conditions for most companies.

The definition of SaaS – Software as a Service

SaaS platforms and applications allow users to use them anytime, anywhere, regardless of device type or performance. They enable real-time collaboration, save infrastructure costs, and increase flexibility.

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