Digitalizing Problem-Solving for a Global Automotive Company

Discover how a global leader in the automotive industry digitalized its problem-solving process, resulting in remarkable efficiency gains and outstanding quality. Explore our success story highlighting innovations in problem-solving within manufacturing, where the integration of technology and strategy is reshaping industry standards.
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Our client is global automotive company that produces luxury cars, with a range of models from compact sports cars to large off-road vehicles. The company is focused on innovative design, high quality, and cutting-edge technology. They have production plants located in several countries around the world, and are part of a larger corporation. The company is also committed to the electrification of their models and the development of new technologies.


PROBLEM: Ineffective traditional way of solving problems in production

The automotive industry has been undergoing a rapid digitalization process in recent years. Leading car manufacturers are using digital technologies to optimize their processes, improve efficiency and increase competitiveness. One of the critical processes that can be digitalized is the problem-solving process. The traditional problem-solving process involves manually gathering information about a problem, analyzing it, and then deciding how to solve it. This process can be time-consuming and error-prone.


SOLUTION: Digitization of the problem-solving process in Solvedio

The company decided to significantly accelerate and improve the efficiency of the problem-solving process using digitalization. The innovative approach of the Solvedio solution proved to be ideal. One example of Solvedio’s digitalizing process of problem-solving is automatic problem recognition and classification. Using Solvedio technology, we can create algorithms that, based on input data, automatically recognize and classify issues into different categories. This enables us to quickly and accurately identify problems and find appropriate solutions.

Another Solvedio’s key feature of digitalizing the problem-solving process is the data collection and its use for identifying and solving problems. Solvedio also allows you to monitor the status of individual records in real-time time and quickly respond to raised issues. Tools for determining a root cause correctly, such as 5 Whys, Fishbone, and questionnaires, are implemented directly in Solvedio.

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BENEFITS: Speed, efficiency, quality, and clarity

Digitalizing the problem-solving process has brought many benefits to the global automotive company. The main aspects positively affected by Solvedio include the following:

✔️ Accelerated problem-solving process: With Solvedio, the company can automate data collection, analysis, and decision-making on how to solve a problem, allowing the issues to be solved faster and more accurately.
✔️Improved efficiency: Solvedio improves the efficiency of the problem-solving process, e.g., through automatic problem recognition and classification.
✔️Increased quality: Solvedio helps increase product quality by enabling the company to quickly identify and solve problems that could affect product quality.
✔️Improved clarity: Solvedio helps monitor the status of records in real-time and respond to problems quickly, contributing to increased safety of vehicles.
✔️Improved data analysis: Solvedio allows collecting and analyzing large amounts of data, enabling a better understanding of problems and finding appropriate solutions.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, digitalizing the problem-solving process may bring other future benefits. For example:

✔️Improved predictions: Solvedio can create models that can predict future issues using machine learning and data analysis. This way, problems can be prevented, and vehicle operation can be improved.
✔️Improved communication: Solvedio improves communication between different departments of car manufacturing, e.g., between development, production, and quality. Improved resource management: Solvedio helps better manage resources, e.g., material or human resources.
✔️Improved customer satisfaction: Solvedio helps respond and solve customer requests faster, contributing to increased customer satisfaction.
✔️Improved competitiveness: Solvedio improves efficiency and productivity, increasing market competitiveness.

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RESULT: Technology + Good strategy = Maximum effect

Solvedio has helped the client improve efficiency, quality, and competitiveness, thereby contributing to long-term market success. Implementing the Solvedio solution into production at this company proves that digitalizing the problem-solving process can significantly improve the automotive industry.

On the other hand, this situation also demonstrates that it is unwise to approach digitalization recklessly. Car manufacturers and clients must consider how and where they can use digital technologies to optimize their processes. A good overview of available tools and technologies and how they can be used to improve processes is a prerequisite for success. It is also necessary to have a good plan and strategy for implementing these tools and technologies to achieve maximum effect, as was the case with this company.



Digitalizing the problem-solving process is not only about buying new tools and technologies but also involves changing the approach and thinking. It is necessary to be willing to experiment, innovate, and be open to new techniques and methods. At Solvedio, we combine all these elements into a unique approach. We bring unlimited possibilities for digitalization use, creating new business value, introducing new opportunities, and opening new horizons to your business.

"Our problem-solving process seemed less efficient and productive than it is now after digitalization. Teamwork and Solvedio allowed us to collect data quicker, communicate better between teams and reach solutions faster."
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