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Solvedio is an alternative to custom development and standard digitalization platforms, providing a seamless, user-centric digital experience.

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on traditional IT limits - no need for developers or infrastructure


Faster delivery

than other solutions - ready to use quickly, anywhere, and in any team

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Lower cost

than traditional custom development and operation

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Microsoft Teams integration – designed and deployed with high enterprise standards

Solvedio vs. „Traditional“ Digital Solutions

Solvedio is a 5-star hotel in the world of productivity and workflow. Everything else is just camping.

  Traditional digital solutions Solvedio
Methodology Technical analyses, diagrams, and descriptions, unclear subject of delivery.  We tell a story. We help you sort out what's important to you in an easy-to-understand format.
Work efficiency Untailored solutions include unnecessary, time-consuming tasks that add no real value to task completion. Our solution doesn't include unnecessary tasks, only activities with added value for maximum productivity.
Customization A universal user interface only partially covers the needs of a specific user. We ensure our user interface is specifically designed for each individual role. We base our solution more on your actual needs rather than wants.
Availability Usually available as one of the following options only: SaaS, Cloud, or On-Premises. We offer flexible deployment available for SaaS, Cloud, and On-premises.

Solvedio vs. No-code & Low-code Platforms    

Solvedio is leading digital adoption beyond no-code and low-code solutions. You don't need to have technical expertise or adapt to predefined options - focus only on your business and leave the rest to us. 

  Low-code No-code Solvedio
Target audience Professional developers Corporate users Corporate users
Coding requirement Minimal None None
Customization High Low Unlimited
Complexity High Low As complicated as you need and as simple as possible.
Development speed Fast Very fast Warp speed (matter of weeks) 
Integration options High Low If needed, we will integrate Solvedio even with your coffee machine.

Solvedio vs. Custom & Out of the Box  

Solvedio combines the best of both worlds - the lightning speed and affordability of an out-of-the-box solution with the customizability and robustness of custom software. 

  Custom software Out of the box software Solvedio
Customization Your wish is our command Take it or leave it A tailor-made, while-you-wait suit only for you
Target audience Unique Everyone Teams that want to be in control 
Development speed Slow and stable Immediate Usain Bolt of digital solutions
Integration options High maintenance cost It is complicated If needed, we will integrate Solvedio even with your coffee machine.
Maintenance Call professionals Stay on hold, please We will take care of everything, while you relax 
Initial costs You might need to rob a bank Little money, little spark Intelligent investment 
Long-term value Customized to perfection Universal and unchangeable Forever young, forever innovative 

Are You Still Hesitating?

Feng Shui for Your Digital Data

We design your digital space to spark joy and inspire innovation

Swiss Army Knife of Digitalization

Solvedio is ready to handle any task and in any condition

Espresso Efficiency

Like the perfect cup of coffee, Solvedio will kick-start your working day

Your Budget Will Thank You

Choosing Solvedio is like buying a luxury yacht for the price of a paddleboard

Your IT Team Needs Rest, Too

Give your IT team a break from caffein-fueled nights. Solvedio is the digital lullaby they've been dreaming of

Digital Fortune-Teller

We anticipate your needs before your fingers even touch the keyboard

A Zen Garden of Graphic Interfaces

Escape from the chaos of clicks and experience digital peace of mind, one task at a time

We Grant You More than Three Wishes

No magic lamp is needed, only pure innovation

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