Solvedio Joins Forces with Microsoft for Startups Program

Solvedio is now officially part of the Microsoft for Startups program. In addition to support and access to technology and mentors, this partnership marks another significant milestone for Solvedio and confirms our vision. Read more...

Updated at 24.2.2023


Microsoft For Startups is a program aimed at supporting fast-growing startups worldwide. The program offers various benefits and support for young companies to develop and grow in a competitive market. 

Although the path to the Microsoft for Startups program is relatively easy, this partnership brings many benefits to startups. A startup must meet specific criteria to be accepted into the program, including being active in software development and having the potential for rapid growth. Once accepted into the program, the startup is assigned an advisor who helps the startup to take advantage of all the available benefits. 


What advantages does Microsoft for Startups bring to Solvedio?  

One of the most significant benefits for startups joining the Microsoft For Startups program is access to technology and tools they couldn't otherwise access. This program offers access to software, tools, and services that can help startups in various areas, from product development and testing to fund management and marketing campaigns. 

In addition to technology and tools, the program also offers access to the global Microsoft ecosystem. Startups have access to mentors and experts in software development, cloud services, marketing, finance, and other areas who can help solve problems and advise how to succeed in the market. 

As part of the Microsoft for Startups program, we also have access to an extensive partnership that can help us network and form partnerships with other companies. The partnership with Microsoft can lead to many opportunities for the rapid growth and development of Solvedio. 

The Microsoft for Startups program offers enormous potential for the growth and success of any startup. Thanks to access to tools, mentors, and partnerships with Microsoft and other companies, startups can develop and grow faster than would be possible without the support of this program. So, if you are looking for help for your startup, the Microsoft For Startups program may be the right choice. 


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