Digital Personnel File Solution

Incorporate Solvedio's Digital Personnel File to effectively address the dynamic requirements of your organization's HR transformation journey. The tailor-made solution streamlines HR operations by seamlessly integrating employee data management, payroll, benefits administration, and performance tracking into a user-friendly cloud-based platform. Embrace efficiency, adaptability, and empowerment in this new era of HR digitalization.

Use Case

Simplify employee management

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HR Manager
HR Manager
HR Specialist
HR Specialist
  • Create employee files and update information
  • Set up an automatic removal process
  • Set up automated reports on missing data

Evaluate skills and progress

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HR Mngr.
HR Mngr.
HR Spec.
HR Spec.
  • Build employee skills and evaluate them
  • Let employees create their own skills
  • Assign mandatory skills and their baseline for professions

Optimize contract management

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HR Manager
HR Manager
  • Edit the employee’s contract information
  • Select the information required for each contract

Easily plan and achieve career goals

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HR Mngr.
HR Mngr.
HR Spec.
HR Spec.
  • Set and monitor employee goals
  • Establish the criteria necessary to achieve the goals

Manage employee’s personal data

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HR Manager
HR Manager
HR Specialist
HR Specialist
  • Fill in additional information about employees
  • Determine which information is mandatory

Digitize paper document management

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HR Manager
HR Manager
  • Convert paper documents into digital form
  • The documents are filled in the employee folder

Improve collaboration through teams

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HR Manager
HR Manager
  • Create teams of employees and assign a leader
  • Asign specific permissions to each team
  • Add or remove members, edit or delete teams

Uncover valuable insights with reports

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HR Manager
HR Manager
HR Specialist
HR Specialist
  • Generate reports based on the data you enter
  • Customize attributes for better visualization


Uncover the Benefits of a Digital Personal File Solution

Solvedio offers a cutting-edge Digital Personnel File Solution, an intuitive employee records management platform designed with the latest trends in mind. Our cloud-based solution liberates you from administrative burdens and revolutionizes HR processes with remarkable efficiency. With secure storage of important documents and effortless optimization of compliance duties, our carefully tuned features create an unparalleled user experience, simplifying HR tasks and propelling them towards newfound efficiency.

Solution Features

Manage employee data securely and efficiently. Let employees directly update personal information, including GDPR consent, contact details, emergency contacts, education, and bank information.

Personnal Data Management

Optimize contract handling by customizing required fields to suit your organization's needs. Effortlessly input and edit contract details, including type, salary, bonuses, and eligibility for benefits like meal vouchers.

Customizable Contract Management

Foster better collaboration by creating and managing employee teams. Share information, documents, and updates with varied authorization levels based on roles and responsibilities.

Enhanced Collaboration

Empower staff to showcase skills, monitor progress, and identify areas for growth and training. Create and manage skill evaluations with the ability to post, edit, and comment on employees' skill development.

Skills and progress management

Track employee career plans and goals to align with organizational objectives. Hold managers accountable and evaluate progress and impact on performance.

Career goals

Efficiently scan and store paper documents digitally for secure and controlled access. Upload, organize, and file scanned documents within employee profiles.

Scanning document

Unlock valuable insights with customizable reports and visualizations. Create charts and statistics based on employee data, tailoring reports to suit your specific needs and objectives.



Timely completion of projects​
Save time and resources by automating administrative tasks.
Support remote team collaboration
Store all employee information in one secure place.
High automation of sub-processes​
Ensure legal compliance by setting automatic deletion dates.
Reduce downtime and increase quality of work​
Increase data accuracy by eliminating manual data entry.
Simplicity and flexibility of use
Allow employees to keep their personal data up to date.
Evaluate processes based on relevant data
Easy integration with existing HR system.

Digitalize HR Processes with Solvedio

Empower your organization with Solvedio's Digital Personnel FIle Solution and experience a new level of efficiency in your HR processes. Our team will assist you in navigating through the solution, providing an overview of all features, highlighting the key features that align with your HR priorities, and addressing any inquiries you may have.


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