Ready-made Problem Solving solution

Solve problems more efficiently and forget about countless Excel spreadsheets. The troubleshooting and tracking app is designed to help you manage all relevant tasks using the latest technologies, methods, and processes.​

Monitor the entire process, and find and evaluate the root cause of problems without the need for complex setup or coding knowledge.​

Solvedio's problem-solving solution offers Digitalization as a Service (DaaS) that helps to provide Consistent Product & Process Quality. This application can be used immediately. In case this solution does not meet your needs, we can create a customized DaaS application for you by either modifying the existing application or developing a completely new one.​

Use Cases

Customer support issues
Customer support issues
Problems in production
Personnel problems
Administrative burdens
Administrative burdens

With Solvedio’s Problem Solving solution you can easily:​

Report the problem anywhere and anytime​

Create a simple or complex problem in the app on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. The problem can be created directly in Solvedio or through third-party tools (Asana, Jira, Open Application Programming, API). Solvedio can automatically detect a problem based on events, patterns, or behavior.​

Set up the solution process quickly and effortlessly

The problem-solving application needs minimal input to recognize the ideal continuation of the process. It also automatically sets other process attributes, selects categories, or even suggests ideal team members.​

Find the cause of the problem using modern methods​

Find the root cause of a problem using built-in advanced methods such as the 5 Whys and the Fishbone Diagram. Through their use, it is intuitive and efficient to identify possible root causes of problems and speed up the troubleshooting process.​

Choose the ideal solution with a single click​

Root cause search methods generate tasks for the team automatically. The team receives various features such as tracking, reporting, and escalation. The application can predict the success of problem-solving based on collaboration between individuals and teams. AI features provide additional insight and control over the direction and content of activities.​

Problem solving workplace
Problem solving - Solved
Problem solving Application Workspace

Main benefits of the Problem Solving solution​

Speed up problem solving by half​
2x faster problem
High flexibility and added value for employees​
High flexibility and added value for employees​
High automation of sub-processes​
High automation of sub-processes​
Support remote team collaboration
Supported remote team collaboration​
Reduce downtime and increase quality of work​
Reduced downtime and increased work quality​
Evaluate processes based on relevant data
Process evaluation based on relevant data​

Additional Solvedio features​


All data is stored, processed by AI and used to create reports

The system manages the validation of the implemented solution and applies the gained insights.​


Collaborate on problems and tasks with the team

Use the workspace to quickly divide work, enter tasks, and receive status updates. Create dynamic views and filters to manage your issues, tasks, and deadlines. Team members can always keep their progress up to date by updating it from any device at any time.​


Visually processed analysis and display of all key data

The dashboard can be customized to meet the specific needs of users, departments, or the company. It is the most efficient way to track multiple data sources because it provides a central place where organizations can track and analyze performance. Real-time monitoring reduces hours of analysis, and long lines of communication, which were previously a challenge for companies.​

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