Problem-solving Solution

Discover a tailor-made problem-solving solution that adapts to your organization's and industry's specific requirements. Experience Solvedio's cutting-edge technology that effortlessly solves production, technical and managerial challenges and empower yourself with state-of-the-art methodologies such as 5xWhy, 5WH1, Fishbone, and 8D. Solvedio represents a new era of digitalizing the problem-solving process, introducing new standards, and revolutionizing workflows.

Use Case

Record the issue in a simple and intuitive way

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Problem Owner
Problem Owner
  • Record the problem immediately from any device.  
  • Upload photos and add problem description. 
  • Suggest the ideal team of problem solvers. 

Gain access to the best methods

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Problem Owner
Problem Owner
Team Member
Team Member
  • Use state-of-the-art methods like 5xWhy, 5WH1, and 8D, or design your own.
  • Walk through the problem-solving methods step-by-step.
  • Complete the questionnaire and automatically generate related tasks.

Standardize the problem-solving process

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Problem Owner
Problem Owner
Team Member
Team Member
  • Identify all problematic types of products and processes.
  • Group similar problems automatically.
  • Escalate tasks in case of slow work.

Choose the ideal solution and measures

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Problem Owner
Problem Owner
Team Member
Team Member
  • Provide temporary measures to resolve the problem quickly.
  • Automatically set aside problem products and processes for repair.
  • Determine the solution's impact on all problematic types of products and processes.

Prevent the issue from reoccurring

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Problem Owner
Problem Owner
Team Member
Team Member
  • Suggest permanent measures to prevent the problems from reccurring.
  • Monitor the bottleneck as part of the repair process.
  • Ensure guidelines and instructions are modified based on the solution.

Other features for the best quality

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Problem Owner
Problem Owner
Team Member
Team Member
  • Drill down feature for more detailed examination.
  • Personalize environment for each role.
  • Generate and exporting documents to Excel.

Experience the benefits of the Problem-solving Solution

Solvedio's Problem-solving Solution offers an efficient, easy-to-use, and systematic approach to problem management. It streamlines all related processes, such as customer support issues, production issues, personnel problems, or administrative burdens. All in a user-intuitive cloud-based tool. We have carefully selected the best features that make your processes more efficient and straightforward.


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  • 2x faster problem solving
  • High automation of subprocesses
  • Supported remote team collaboration
  • Reduced downtime and increased work quality
  • A standardized and systematic problem-solving process

Solution Features

Intuitively and quickly locate problems with one click on the interactive visualization of the model, product, or process and start solving problems immediately to minimize downtime.

Precise problem localization


A custom-designed questionnaire automatically generates tasks for team members based on the provided answers and guides you to solve problems efficiently.

Intelligent, customizable questionnaire

Escalate identified issues immediately to ensure attention and fast resolution to avoid delays and downtime.

Efficient escalation function

Seamlessly divert defective products for rework or identify processes for optimization to remove bottlenecks effectively.

Divert defective products

Implement temporary measures immediately after catching a problem and a permanent solution once the problem has been resolved to avoid a recurrence.

Temporary and permanent measures

Set up a validation process and its length, track the effectiveness of corrective measures with proactive notifications and ensure continuous improvement.

Validate for continuous improvement

Automatically Monitor the troubleshooting process and detect bottlenecks, allowing you to intervene quickly and ensure smoother operations.

Bottleneck identification

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