Site Services Management Solution

Solvedio's Site Services Management Solution allows you to achieve a new level of productivity and accuracy in site operations and maintenance tasks. Enable your team to use innovative digital tools and approaches to simplify procedures. Experience the power of well-managed and efficient site operations with Solvedio.


Log Service Requests in Intuitive Way

Site Mngr.
Site Mngr.
Maintenance Staff
Maintenance Staff
  • Log service requests from any device instantly.
  • Upload photos and add descriptions to service requests.
  • Suggest the ideal team for the service execution.

Monitor Service Progress in Real-Time

search icon
Site Mngr.
Site Mngr.
Service Team
Service Team
  • Track the status of service requests in real-time.
  • Receive notifications on service progress.
  • Access detailed reports on service completion.

Manage Site Inventory Efficiently

settings icon
Inventory Mngr.
Inventory Mngr.
Site Mngr.
Site Mngr.
  • Keep track of the site inventory and equipment.
  • Receive alerts for low stock or equipment maintenance.
  • Automate the reordering process for inventory replenishment.

Schedule Regular Inspections

calendar icon
Site Mngr.
Site Mngr.
Maintenance Staff
Maintenance Staff
  • Schedule regular maintenance tasks and inspections.
  • Receive reminders for upcoming maintenance tasks.
  • Record and track the results of inspections.

Optimize Site Operations with Insight

Data Icon
Site Mngr.
Site Mngr.
Operations Analyst
Operations Analyst
  • Analyze the site operations data for performance insights.
  • Identify areas for improvement and optimization.
  • Generate comprehensive reports for decision-making.

Streamline Collaboration

Site Mngr.
Site Mngr.
Service Team
Service Team
Maintenance Staff
Maintenance Staff
  • Facilitate communication between different teams and roles.
  • Share updates and information in real-time.
  • Collaborate on service requests and maintenance tasks.

Manage Vendor Relationships

File Check Icon
Site Mngr.
Site Mngr.
Procurement Officer
Procurement Officer
  • Manage contracts and vendors relationships
  • Track contract renewal dates and terms.
  • Evaluate vendor performance and service quality.



Experience the Benefits of the Site Services Management Solution

Enable your site managers and technicians to drive meaningful improvements across your organization's services. Embrace effortless logging of service requests, real-time progress tracking, and optimized inventory management. With Solvedio, your team gains a competitive edge with data-driven insights, seamless collaboration, and the convenience of a mobile-friendly application.

Problems in production
Instant and Intuitive Service Requests Logging

Seamlessly log service requests from any device, including photos and detailed descriptions, eliminating delays and confusion.

Comprehensive Task Managment
Real-Time Progress Tracking

Stay informed and take action promptly, ensuring efficient and timely service delivery.

Administrative burdens
Efficient Inventory Management

Receive alerts for low stock or maintenance needs with automated reordering to always have enough essentials.

Easy to use Time management​
Scheduled Maintenance and Inspections Made Easy

Receive reminders for upcoming tasks and keep a comprehensive record of inspection results.

Data-Driven Operations Optimization

Utilize the power of data analytics to identify improvement areas and make informed decisions with comprehensive performance reports.

Personnel problems
Streamlined Communication and Collaboration

Facilitate seamless communication between teams and roles, enhancing effective collaboration.

Organize your  To-do list
Simplified Vendor Contract Management

Keep track of renewal dates and terms while evaluating vendor performance and service quality to ensure the best partnerships.

Suitable solution
Mobile-Friendly Convenience

Access all solution features on the go from any mobile device, allowing you to manage site services wherever and whenever you need.


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