Internal Approval Processes Solution

The tailor-made Solvedio's Internal Approval Processes Solution is your organization's gateway to a more agile and efficient HR approval workflow. Embrace the digital transformation and optimize your internal approval processes with our comprehensive tool. From initiating requests on the go to real-time tracking, our smart routing system expedites approvals, enabling you to focus on what matters most: your people.

Use Case

Swift Request Creation

  • Record approval request from any device, specify the nature and urgency.
  • Attach necessary documents or details with ease.
  • Select the relevant approver based on the request type.

Transparent Approval Monitoring

HR Mngr.
HR Mngr.
  • Track the real-time status of the approval request.
  • Receive notifications for updates or queries.
  • Access a history of past requests for future references.

Efficient Approval Management

File Check Icon
HR Mngr.
HR Mngr.
HR Specialist
HR Specialist
  • Receive and review approval requests systematically.
  • Prioritize requests based on urgency or relevance.
  • Provide feedback or request further clarification.

Holistic HR Oversight

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HR Mngr.
HR Mngr.
HR Specialist
HR Specialist
  • Maintain a bird’s-eye view of all approval processes within the organization.
  • Generate reports for insights and improvements.
  • Ensure compliance with organizational policies.

Seamless Communication Flow

HR Mngr.
HR Mngr.
HR Spec.
HR Spec.
  • Directly communicate with concerned parties regarding a request.
  • Resolve doubts or issues without delay.
  • Maintain a thread of all communications for transparency.

Advanced Security Measures

key icon
HR Specialist
HR Specialist
  • Ensure sensitive requests and information are encrypted and secure.
  • Assign role-based access to limit unnecessary visibility.
  • Regularly back up data to prevent any losses.

Automated Reminders for Approvals

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HR Mngr.
HR Mngr.
  • Receive reminders for pending approvals to prevent delays.
  • Schedule a set time for reviewing all requests.
  • Ensure timely decisions to keep workflows smooth.

Feedback and Continuous Improvement

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HR Mngr.
HR Mngr.
HR Specialist
HR Specialist
  • Provide feedback on the approval process.
  • Receive feedback and suggestions for a more efficient system.
  • Regularly update the digital solution to incorporate changes and enhancements.


Experience the Benefits of the Internal Approval Process Solution

With Solvedio's Internal Approval Process Solution, you can simplify your HR workflow, ensure compliance, and enhance the employee experience. Initiate approval requests from any device, track progress in real-time, and expedite approvals seamlessly, empowering your workforce to make efficient data-driven decisions and foster a culture of productivity.

Effortless Initiation
of Approval Requests
Administrative burdens
Routing to Relevant Decision Makers
Comprehensive Task Managment
Transparent Tracking
of Approval Status
Streamline Team Collaboration
Prompt Decision Making
with Mobile Approvals
Organize your  To-do list
Intuitive Dashboard
for Monitoring Approvals
Problems in production
Secure Archiving
of Approval Histories
Suitable solution
Integration with Other
HR Systems
Personnel problems
Collaborative Review
of Approval Requests

Benefits for Organizational Functions

Benefits for
✓ Swift initiation of approval requests.
✓ Transparent monitoring of request statuses.
✓ Enhanced communication and collaboration opportunities.
✓ Greater understanding and transparency of the approval process.
✓ Reduction in back-and-forth communications.
Benefits for
HR Manager
✓ Simplified approval management.
✓ Efficient delegation of authority.
✓ Enhanced visibility into team requests.
✓ Improved decision-making with comprehensive data.
✓ Real-time insights into approval workflows.
✓ Better resource allocation and prioritization.
Benefits for
HR Specialist
✓ Streamlined routing of approval requests.
✓ Compliance ensured with automatic logging.
✓ Enhanced oversight with approval analytics.
✓ Improved team collaboration and feedback mechanisms.
Benefits for
HR department
✓ Improved efficiency and reduced processing times.
✓ Enhanced compliance with HR policies and legal regulations.
✓ Better resource management and allocation.
✓ Reduction in paperwork and manual interventions.
✓ Transparent and traceable approval workflows.
Benefits for
✓ Improved employee satisfaction due to quicker resolution of HR-related requests.
✓ Enhanced compliance and reduced risk of non-compliance penalties.
✓ Integration with other systems for seamless data flow.
✓ Cultivation of a transparent and accountable organizational culture.

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