Overtime Management Solution

Solvedio's Overtime Management Solution will completely change your organization's approach to overtime management. Record, approve, and track overtime from any device, eliminating administrative burdens, enhancing transparency, and supporting a balanced work environment. Solvedio provides a smarter, more efficient method to handle overtime.

Use Case

Transparent Log Overtime Hours

  • Log overtime hours directly from any device.
  • Add a brief description of the work done during overtime.
  • Submit the overtime for approval.

Swift Overtime Approvals

  • Review overtime submissions from employees.
  • Approve or reject overtime with a single click.
  • Provide feedback or comments on the overtime logged.

Comprehensive Overtime Reporting

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  • Monitor overtime hours logged and approved.
  • View overtime history for a specific period.
  • Generate reports on overtime hours.

Efficient Overtime Planning

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HR Spec.
HR Spec.
  • Forecast overtime needs based on historical data.
  • Plan resources and schedules to minimize unnecessary overtime.
  • Monitor overtime budgets and control costs.

Analyze Overtime Trends

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HR Specialist
HR Specialist
  • Analyze overtime trends across the organization.
  • Identify departments or individuals with high overtime.
  • Develop strategies to manage and reduce overtime.

Integrate with Payroll

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HR Specialist
HR Specialist
  • Integrate overtime data with payroll systems.
  • Ensure accurate compensation for overtime.
  • Streamline the payroll process.

Ensure Compliance with Overtime Policies

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HR Specialist
  • Set up and enforce overtime policies within the system.
  • Receive alerts for potential policy violations.
  • Conduct audits and ensure legal compliance.

Promote Work-Life Balance

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HR Specialist
HR Specialist
  • Monitor overtime to prevent burnout and promote work-life balance.
  • Provide support and resources to manage overtime.
  • Foster a culture of balance and well-being.


Experience the Benefits of the Overtime Management Solution


Improve your overtime management with Solvedio's Overtime Management Solution. For a more productive and cost-effective workforce, streamline your overtime processes, accelerate approvals, and make data-driven decisions. With straightforward and automated overtime management experience, you can say goodbye to overtime challenges.

Enhanced Workforce Productivity

Streamline overtime processes to ensure teams remain focused and efficient, boosting overall productivity.

Comprehensive Task Managment
Cost-Effective Resource Allocation

Plan overtime strategically to minimize unnecessary expenses and optimize resource utilization, ensuring budgetary efficiency.

Problems in production
Mitigated Compliance Risks

Enforce overtime policies effortlessly, ensuring legal compliance and safeguarding your organization from potential risks.

Suitable solution
Data-Driven Decision Making

Leverage actionable insights from comprehensive reports to make informed decisions on workforce management and allocation.

Organize your  To-do list
Integrated Workflow Efficiency

Seamlessly integrate overtime management with existing HR systems, eliminating data silos and streamlining processes.


Stay ahead with real-time alerts, empowering timely actions that prevent issues and maintain seamless operations.

Personnel problems
Elevated Employee Satisfaction

Promote a balanced work-life environment by simplifying overtime processes, ultimately enhancing employee morale and loyalty.

Administrative burdens
Streamlined Administrative Tasks

Reduce administrative burdens associated with overtime management, enabling your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Benefits for Organizational Functions

Benefits for
✓ Easy and convenient logging of overtime hours.
✓ Transparency in the approval process.
✓ Ability to track overtime and manage work-life balance.
Benefits for
✓ Efficient management of overtime approval.
✓ Insight into team's overtime trends.
✓ Ability to manage handover and takeover of items.
Benefits for
HR Departement:
✓ Comprehensive view of overtime across the organization.
✓ Integration with payroll for accurate compensation.
✓ Compliance with labor laws and audit requirements.
Benefits for
Entire Organization
✓ Improved efficiency and accuracy in managing overtime.
✓ Enhanced employee satisfaction and work-life balance.
✓ Reduced administrative burdens and costs.

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